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The Staggering Statistics of Waste

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This blog entry was inspired by me cleaning out the fridge and quite frankly being appalled at myself for the waste. I am always shocked by our grocery bill – but really, I obviously buy too much.

And I am not alone.

Here are some staggering statistics from 2012:

  • Percentage of the globally produced food lost or wasted in the developed world: 56%
  • Per capita food lost or wasted per year: 250-300 kilograms
  • Per capita food lost or wasted per year by consumers after purchase: 75-115 kilograms
  • Percentage of food loss and waste per year in North America that is caused by the consumer: 25%
  • In Europe and industrialized Asia about 50 percent of all losses and waste of food occur at the consumer level. In North America that percentage rises to 60 percent. That’s right, folks, more than half of all food lost and wasted in the United States is caused by our own carelessness — for example by allowing food to rot in the refrigerator, or should I say *your* refrigerator.
  • Dollars squandered by a family of four in the United States because of food loss and waste: $1,600 per year
  • Here’s a frightening statistic. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that, in the world of municipal solid waste, food is No. 1; it is found more “than any other single material in municipal solid waste … [with] more than 36 million tons of food waste … generated” in 2012 alone.

Excerpted from:


What the report didn’t speculate was that we perhaps don’t need to be producing MORE food to feed the world, but just stop wasting it (and fix the corruption that keeps food from the people who need it most, of course)

Blog 37 - 1 Compost






This didn’t go into the municipal waste stream but to our backyard compost.

So today I offer up a “cleaning out the fridge” soup. If you open the crisper and find the carrots are past their prime and the celery is limp, please don’t throw them out  – make a soup.
April is a great time for soups. Warm and summery one minute and the next, sleet – like today. My husband calls it the cruelest month.

Blog 37 - 2 Salvage









Rainy Day Carrot Soup

1 tbsp olive oil
1 sweet onion chopped
2 lbs of carrots (peeled if they are past their prime) chopped
4 stalks of celery
1 container of vegetable stock
1 bag of Bouquet Garni (make your own by tying sprigs of thyme, parsley, bay leaf, marjoram together and immersing in soup)
Pepper and salt to taste

Blog 37 - 3 Soup start


Blog 37 - 4 Soup simmer








Heat olive oil over med heat. Saute chopped onion until translucent. Stir in carrots until mixed well with onions. Add vegetable stock, celery, Bouquet Garni.
Cook until vegetables are soft – 20 to 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper.
Blend and serve

Blog 37 - 5 Blended carrot soup

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