Nourish the
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About Elinor Humphries, BA, RHN, CCP

Elinor has been helping organizations and their staff with transitions since 1999. Now, she brings that experience as a change agent to her nutritional coaching practice. A graduate of the University of Guelph, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Certified Coaching Federation, she is well equipped to provide integrated health and wellness education to her clients.

“Food that nourishes” is a keystone of her practice. Elinor has a lifelong passion for food – from selecting fresh, local produce at the farmers’ market, to food planning and preparing food to make tasty and healthy meals to enjoy with family and friends.

She will help you with menu planning, grocery shopping, label reading, and/or a pantry overhaul. She can provide meal plans for gluten-free, dairy-free or other specialty diets, based on individual lifestyle and tastes.

Improved digestion, good sleep habits, exercise and stress management are also key and Elinor will provide coaching in these areas as needed.

Elinor attributes an anti-inflammatory diet and exercise, for the past 5 years, to her drug-free management of a chronic illness. It has motivated her to educate others on self-care through diet and lifestyle changes.

“I believe Holistic Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining good health, in the management of chronic illness and as a preventative measure against disease. I believe that each of us must be our own healthcare system. I believe that we must take responsibility and not give that power away to anyone else”